History of the Age Regression Community

This was written by Mod 👽, who only found the age regression community in May 2018. He has found multiple sources on the origins of not only age regression, but also the origins of cglre and chire

This will be focusing this on tumblr rather than the internet as a whole, as this is where the main community (age regression) and the 2 most popular communities at the time (Chire and Cglre) started out.

I have included links as proof too. I used this method to actually go into the tumblr tags and see for myself. Unfortunately Wayback Machine doesn’t let me capture Tumblr tags/searches without login in, which it won’t let me do.

Also, unfortunately, if someone later edited their post, the updated version replaces the original; this is why some posts have dni banners on them before said communities was created. On top of this, you can only see posts from blogs that are still available today; so any posts from blogs that was removed during the nsfw purge are unavailable. I am also unable to look in tags that in December 2018, Tumblr classed as unsafe (which means tags like ddlg and cgl are inaccessable).

If you feel like there are any mistakes, please either message us, send an ask, or send a submission and we will change it.
Please provide a source of proof along side your change.
A source of proof we see as valid is is an active link (meaning we can take a capture on wayback machine to keep it a valid source).
If you’re only source is an screenshot, we may site it depending on if we feel the screenshot is valid and hasn’t been tampered with in any way.
If there is no source, will may or may not state it in here.

Age Regression’s Origins

When people say age regression as a coping mechanism/used in therapy, some people outside of the community many think we are talking about the controversial hypnosis age regression.

However we are not.

We are instead talking about Inner Child Therapy (which has been nicknamed age regression due to therapists calling the child headspace this). It is a type of regression therapy, an individual’s mind reverts back into that of a child, usually in order to cope with childhood trauma.

The Inner Child is thought to have originated/discovered by Carl Jung, and John Bradshaw is credited as introducing the Inner Child as a way to help unresolved childhood experiences.

Inner Child Therapy is used to help those who are struggling to cope. Whilst it is usually used for those who have childhood trauma/a troubled childhood (for example victims of child abuse, csa victims), Inner Child Therapy also is also useful for those who are dealing with stress, grief, addiction, etc as an adult or teenager.

“Effective Inner Child work is about helping people in pain discover how early childhood experiences have had an impact on their everyday lives” – Source

“Mindful and attuned psychotherapeutic relationships have been shown to simulate aspects of a healthy parent-child relationship, resulting in a gradual rewiring of traumatized emotional circuitry in the brain, restructuring of early attachment disruptions, and the development of new neuronal pathways relevant to experiencing trust, safety, connection, and a more integrative sense of self. The continued findings in this exciting and burgeoning new field completely supports my belief that an emphasis on relating to the “child” aspects of the adult individual’s neurobiological psyche provides a more direct access to facilitating profound transformation for the whole person.” – Source

“I think of healing the inner child through Inner Child work as a process of dredging up the original memories from each stage, or at least creating symbolic images, pictures, voices, sounds, etc., and then replacing them with healthier ones. It is a form of NLP and therein lies its power. ” – Source


The age regression community was pretty much non existent on Tumblr before 2016 – there was nostalgia/kidcore blogs but that isn’t the same thing. 

The only mention of age regression in the therapy/coping mechanism sense was by people who was recommended it by therapists/people who already knew it existed as a coping mechanism.

Link: Tumblr: #age regression – 31/12/2014 and earlier:

  • Most of the posts are about de-aging fanfiction stories.
  • There are a few posts about age regression in the coping mechanism way, and these all seem to be from mental health blogs/trauma victims blogs/etc, rather than agere blogs the way we know today.
  • Age play and age regression seem to be crosstagged at this point in time.
  • Age regression seems to also be a popular tag with the kink community too.

Link: Tumblr: #agere – 31/12/2014 and earlier

  • only has kink, posts in foreign languages, and posts about purchases

It seems as if all the age regression blogs that we know of today have later edited their tags to say age regression and agere, as when you go onto some of the reblogs of some peoples original posts, they are not tagged as age regression

Link: Tumblr: #age regression – 31/12/2015 and earlier

  • posts still seem to be more fanfictions than agere posts
  • a few agere blogs
  • the terms little, littlespace, and caregiver seem to be mixed in with age regression (not just kink) by this point.

Link: Tumblr: #agere – 31/12/2015 and earlier

  • Just in case you need proof of it only showing updated posts instead of orginal, here’s an the original version of this post.
  • seems to have more kink posts and posts in other languages than age regression posts
  • However those age regression posts seem to have edited in the tags as they have banners on them about no anti-cglre interaction even though cglre wasn’t created yet


2016 was when the age regression community started up on Tumblr

(Source 1), (Source 2): Pre-May/June 2016, the age regression community was made up of kidcore and cgl. Both minors and adult regressors were using the terms kidcore and cgl to describe their regression; the term age regression wasn’t used at this point. 
The kink community also used cgl as a gender neutral term for ddlg and its varients. 

Originally cgl wasn’t a term specifically for kink. In fact if you look on google using the time frame scale, (other than 1 tumblr post – which could have been edited at a later date) pre-2016, cgl was never a term used for kink/ddlg; all the results shown are from wattpad stories created during/after 2016, from shopping sites with all the listings being put up after 2016, and from websites where you can download instagram posts from (which I’m fairly certain was made during/after 2016). In fact in a blogspot post about the difference in ddlg and ageplay, the original version from 2014 describes ageplay as regressing and makes absolutely no mention of cgl; in the revamped version from February 2016 however it mentions that cgl is now the gender neautal term for ddlg. Even more proof that shows cgl wasn’t used as a kink term before 2016 is that a nsfw stories website didn’t start using the term cgl at all until 2016 (and cg/l not even existing), whilst still using the terms ddlg since 2014dd/lg since 2013little since 2009, and daddy dom since 2003. It should also be noted that the tumblr post I mentioned above refers to nsfw/ageplay littlespace and middlespace as regressing – so clearly the kink community wasn’t using the correct terms at that point.

When adult kink members of the cgl community saw minors in it, they started saying that “cgl is a kink”, and called anyone who supported minors as pedophiles and anyone who supported minors in cgl as dangerous.
At this point kidcore/toywave blogs started to distance themselves from cgl (joining the “cgl is a kink” crowd), not allowing any regressors who used the terms cgl, little, littlespace, and caregiver to interact with them. This was how (as far as I am aware) the first age regression community was created, Chire.

The Chire community was created on 4th June 2016. An FAQ was made shortly after the blog’s creation, explaining Chire and how its dni. (Source). Here is how Chire is explained by the creator.
The Chire creator/coiner later left due to it being revealed that they had pedophilic art on their blog, as well as “perpetuating csa culture & ships a childlike character with their canon sexual assaulter & IDs as the assaulter & even reblogs art of the victim nearly naked (did I mention they literally look like a child) with their assaulter” (Source). Other current mods and new mods took over, and chire members seem to ignore what happened. Apparently someone faked the accusations, however I have found sources against the Chire creator and absolutely no sources to say otherwise. Every blog that is still available to view that said that there was more too it and they will make a post explaining what actually happened, never made the post defending the Chire creator, so make that what you will. Here is one example of a blog saying they will make an explanation post that never did.

For regressors who had being using the term cgl (as well as caregiver, little, and littlespace) to describe their regression, the “cgl is a kink” crowd upset them. According to the Cglre creators, when they asked to join Chire, the Chire creator was rude to them and make them feel unwanted. This caused them to created their own community, Cglre. 

Cglre was created an a non exclusionary age regression community, specifically for those who use the terms little and caregiver non-sexually and non-kink. Cglre created their own tags, and was allow to regress without interacting with kink, however the kink community and the Chire community both started to harass Cglre members, saying they was trying to allow minors in kink, that they was inherently kink because cgl is a kink, that Cglre isn’t a safe community.

When Cglre was created, the term cgl was viewed as a solely kink term by some, and term that could be used to mean kink, regressors or actual children by others.
This is why when Cglre was first created, it was described as a non-kink, sfw branch of cgl. Many anti-cglre people like to say that cglre is a branch of kink due to the creators saying that it was a branch of cgl, however they are using the definition of cgl that is used today (a gender neutral form of ddlg), not the definition of cgl used at the time (the relationship between a carer and someone who is little – which at the time could have been described as kink, regressors, or actual children).
The two creators of Cglre wanted a safe space for regressors, that was less exclusionary than Chire, and that also allowed regressors to continue using terms they was comfortable with (little and caregiver). Many regressors picked up this term/community as soon as it was created, due to viewing this as the safest community for them.
Later, when cgl became known as the gender neutral term of ddlg, Cglre members wanted to remove the stigma that they are related to kink. When they asked the original Cglre blog mods to take out about it being a branch of cgl out of Cglre’s description, the mods ignored what the rest of the community wanted and replied “cgl is an EXTREMELY broad term that contains many different kinds of people and relationships – cglre was only ever meant to specify ‘when I say ‘cgl’ I mean non-kinky regression, and I use ‘caregiver’ and ‘little’ to talk about that’”.
The original Cglre mods was seen as controversial and unsafe after they said that age regression is rooted in both coping mechanisms and BDSM. Whilst I believe that they worded it wrong, I can see where they are coming from. 
Age regression has never been rooted in BDSM, it has only been rooted in therapy and coping mechanisms. However online, kink communities have been using the terms ‘age play’ and ‘age regression’ interchangeably, as well as using the term regressing in terms of age play. This doesn’t mean age regression is rooted in kink, just that online kink communities have been using the wrong terms.

This divide caused the community Kidhearts to be created. Kidhearts was originally created to be a neutral age regression tag/community for everyone to use. Kidhearts was originally allowed to be either Cglre or Chire (Source). However, then the creators decided to change that and made Cglre members choose between Cglre and Kidhearts (Source). They said it was because it isn’t possible to have a community that allowed both sides to interact (Source), due to both sides sending hate to the other.

Basically by the end of July/August 2016, the age regression community was split into two sides; the Chire side and the Cglre side. There were some blogs that were unaffiliated, however most of the age regression community was split.

More and more communities started to open up, but all of them was either on the Chire side of age regression or the Cglre side.

By November/December 2016, the term cgl was almost completely associated as the gender neutral version of ddlg and variants.


By 2017, the split in the age regression community became incredibly toxic. Death threats was flying around, regressors being mean to one another, if a new regressor interact with the wrong blog, they got put on blocklists before they had any idea which community they was apart of, etc.

More communities started to open up, but like 2016 all of them was either on the Chire side of age regression or the Cglre side.

On 23rd July 2017, The Agere Society was created. This was basically a network of communities that essentially followed Cglre’s DNI (no kink and no nsfw blogs). 

On 28th July 2017, The Agere League was created. This was basically a network of communities that essentially followed Chire’s DNI (no kink, cgl/ddlg, cglre, no blogs that use the terms little caregiver or littlespace, lgbtqia+ exclusionists, etc). In November 2017, it was renamed CampAgere. Its new blog is now CampKids-Network (Wayback Machine Link). 

Here’s a brief explanation between the two.

The original Cglre blog became inactive in August 2017.


In January 2018, a new Cglre blog was created, with new mods. The new mods on the new Cglre blog decided to listen to the rest of the Cglre community, and changed the meaning of Cglre to mean “a non-kink age regression community separate from cgl by making it age regression specific, and it reclaims the terms “caregiver” and “little” as non-kink terms”.

Here is the full explaination of Cglre, made by the Cglre community – Posted on 30th March 2018.

Once Cglre got redefined as an age regression community only, some Chire blogs who felt restricted by Chire/League/CampKids-Network communities began to change to the Cglre side of age regression.

There were still a large amount of Chire/Chire-affiliated/CampKids-Network community member blogs, and new Chire communities were still popping up, however not as many as 2016/2017.

There was also still a large amount of hate still getting sent to Cglre members, even when Cglre members tried to break down the difference between Cglre and cgl for people.

In December 2018, in order for Tumblr to seem more family friendly, Tumblr wiped all nsfw and nsfw looking blogs and tags. Since a lot of kink blogs used the cglre tag, it initially was wiped. This caused the new Cglre blog to consider changing the name of the community. However, when the tag was given back, and the new Cglre mods asked members if they wanted the name change, whilst some said yes, the majority said no, so the name and tag stayed Cglre.

However, some Cglre members began to feel uncomfortable using Cglre, so (with the suggested names from when Cglre might change its name) new Cglre-affiliated communities began popping up. These include Carereg, nsre, cgre, agerefamily (now inactive), etc.

Around the same time, one of the mods from Chire-Central (the original Chire blog) was revealed to have “used the r slur even while it plainly made others uncomfortable and still did not stop, while proceeding to call others the same slur”. Many regressors left Chire due to the drama, negativty and dictator-like mods. A lot of Chire regressors felt like Chire needed a revamp, and a new set of mods.

2019 (Currently)

In January 2019, a neutral tag was created; Age Dreaming (Wayback Machine Link). It was created as a term for anyone who doesn’t feel like they “age regress”, the headspace is usually controlled by the dreamer, it is usually voluntary, a term for people who don’t feel comfortable using the term “sfw age play” due to ageplay being a nsfw term, or for people who just don’t feel like they traditionally age regress. It is a term that, like age regression, isn’t affiliated with either side of the age regression community.

CampKids-Network has not been active since January 2019.

On 4th January 2019, a new Chire blog was created, Chireplace (Wayback Machine Link). Chireplace was originally unafflicted with the original Chire blog (Chire-Central), or any of their mods.

According to an ex-Chireplace mod, there is now only around 100 active Chire/Chire-affiliated/CampKids-Network community member blogs, compared to the 1000’s of active Cglre/Society/Cglre-affiliated blogs. This now seems to be the opposite of what the age regression community was like in 2016/2017, as back then there was way more Chire/Chire-affiliated blogs than there was Cglre/Cglre-affiliated.
Whilst there are a few Chire-affiliated communities still up and running, many have either closed down or are abandoned. Basically there is a lack of active Chire/Chire-affiliated blogs and communities.

An anti-cglre blog got the tumblr url originalageresociety and started posting anti-cglre posts and saying that the Age Regression Society doesn’t allow Cglre; they started to receive upset cglre anons and left the blog (Source). Then a pro-cglre user picked up the url and now spreads Cglre positivity posts; links: Official Agere Society (Wayback Machine Link).

Since the original AgereSociety has not been active since January 2019, some regressors decided to create a new AgereSociety blog in August 2019: ageresociety (Wayback Machine Link).

Whilst DDLG/CGL blogs have started to rise again after the nsfw purge, they cannot use any of the nsfw tags as they have been banned by Tumblr. Some have started to create some new nsfw tags, however some other have started to use sfw regressors tags. This has lead to blocklists having to report more nsfw accounts who crosstag.

At the time of writing this, Chire-Central and Chireplace are discussing what to do with the Chire community.

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